The 2020 General Election

This place has been in cold storage for the past eight years. A lot has changed in that time. Obama is no longer President. We elected a RINO (but not like we usually mean that). And honestly a list of all of the changes before 2020 wouldn’t take up as much space as what has happened so far this year.

Personally, I’ve left government work and have been in private practice at my own firm since 2013. I still represent criminal defendants, and I also practice family law. I’m also still relatively plugged-in politically.

Part of what I want to do here is explore some of what I’ve been thinking, maybe highlight a few stories I think aren’t getting the coverage they should (or that can’t be responsibly covered at all), and I hope to document the next few months. It promises to be a momentous experience, and the potential for making history in real-time is undeniable. 

Let’s put on our Political Hats and get to it!

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