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(I stole that headline from Charlie Sykes over at The Bulwark. If you aren’t subscribed and reading their newsletters, you are not paying attention to politics.)

Overall, last night was a good night for America. It also exposed and clarified some things for the future.

The Good

  • Senator Fetterman. Governor Shapiro. Democratic Trifectas in Maryland and Massachusetts. Kansas Governor. Democrats likely retaining the Senate and possibly retaining the House. All this in a midterm election that historically should have gone to the Republicans across the board.

The Clarifying

  • Florida is cemented as a Red State and the complete Democratic collapse is a national embarrassment. Democrats didn’t spend enough money and their infrastructure was atrophied to nonexistent. Val Demmings and Charlie Crist put forth valiant efforts, but nothing could overcome the demographics of an aging conservative population who choose to live in Florida. Don’t like wearing a mask in the pandemic? Stop snowbirding and just stay. Rich and ready to retire? Same. It might be time for Democrats to stop trying to kick that football.


  • Ron DeSantis. He is now the de facto standard-bearer of the Republican Party. 45* will be coming for him. Expect his announcement on the 15th (if it still happens) to be fiery and directed at DeSantis.


  • Trumpism and MAGA Republicans. American voters – particularly the young people – may have finally repudiated this doomsday cult.
  • Anyone who thought there would be a Red Wave. If you looked at the polls, you can be partially forgiven. If you listened to the voters, you knew they were concerned about two things: abortion and the future of democracy in America. Enough showed up to vote accordingly that I feel comfortable predicting our democracy will last until at least 2024.
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