bookmark_borderCalling a Liar a Liar

Hunter always tells it like it is. He has long been one of my favorite commentators, and he offers up another bit of “what the hell?” today, this time about theĀ Wall Street Journal‘s latest whining about their hurt fee-fees:

Calling a liar out for being a liar is also common and, we must point out, the morally correct response to actual lying, an approach followed by teachers, juries, nuns, our greatest philosophers and most of the rest of the civilized planet. When I catch my child in a lie, I would not be impressed by her declaring that me pointing it out is just like what Hitler would have done. However, my child is also intelligent enough to recognize a non-sequiter when she sees one, which has already permanently disqualified her from working for Fox News or writing a column for theĀ Wall Street Journal.

There’s more over at Daily Kos.

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