bookmark_borderI Blame The Discovery Channel

Even discounting for asshole poll respondents and people who like to get liberals all riled up (not mutually exclusive groups), these are scary poll numbers. Demonic possession? Ghosts? These are not things a rational, developed society believes.

Tim Minchin put it best: “The appropriate reaction to people who believe in […the supernatural…] is mild embarrassment, sighing tolerance and patient education.”

With attitudes like these and what Paul Krugman described last weekend, we aren’t in danger of becoming Greece; we’re in danger of becoming Argentina.

bookmark_borderRomney Could Win Florida?

Romney could win Florida. Let that sink in a bit. The Republican candidate, whose running mate advocates turning Medicare into a voucher system, is essentially tied with President Obama in Florida. How? He’s closed the gap on Medicare.

It is easy to see how.

I posit that older Americans are more selfish than the general population. Romney’s divide-and-conquer plan – promising that his drastic changes to medicare will only hurt those under age 55 – reassures older voters that they can continue with their excellent healthcare. This essentially takes Medicare off the table as an issue. They’re then free to vote their other concerns (and prejudices).

I’d like to think today’s 55-plus crowd would care enough about their children and grandchildren to consider the impact of changes in Federal earned benefit programs on the next generation, but they’ll mostly be dead and gone by the time the rest of us are ready to collect. Sadly, pulling up the ladder behind you is something of a dark and deadly tradition. These poll numbers unfortunately bear out my thesis: older Americans are a selfish lot.

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